Crem ONE PROFILER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Crem ONE PROFILER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


– 1x Single Shot Basket 7g
– 1x Double Shot Basket 14g
– 1x Triple Shot Basket 21g
– 1x Stainless Backflush Disc
– 1x Cleaning Brush
– 1x Box of Backflush Tablets
– 1x 58 mm Stainless Steel Tamper
– 1x 300 ml / 10 oz Frothing Pitcher
– 1x Alternate 3-Hole Steam Tip
– 1x Single Spout Portafilter
– 1x Double Spout Portafilter

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Crem ONE PROFILER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


The Crem ONE PROFILER is a reservoir-only dual boiler, E61 group espresso machine, equipped with dual PIDs, an SGS commercial certification, and a revolutionary brew pressure profiling system that can be controlled manually or set to execute a programmed profile. As a reservoir only machine, the PROFILER’s sophisticated pressure profiling system is not affected by incoming water line pressure, allowing for full control of brew pressure during extraction.

The most sophisticated of Crem’s ONE series of machines, the PROFILER distinguishes itself with its unique pressure profiling technology. Using a variable speed DC voltage rotary pump, pressure profiles can be created, saved, and executed on demand. What makes the PROFILER truly exceptional is the manual profile knob on the bottom left of the machine that provides satisfying tactile feedback with an audible “click” that just feels good.

To get more specific, the Crem ONE PROFILER does things a bit differently when it comes to programming its brew profiles. For increased precision, the profiles are measured in ml of water instead of by time. As a result, each step of the profile will not change until the appropriate amount of water has been pumped before the pump speed changes. That means that the PROFILER will consistently execute each step of your profile as you programmed it, regardless of factors like grind size or tamp pressure. When brewing a programmed profile, the machine will automatically cut the pump when you desired volume is reached, alerting you to lower the brew lever.

Features and Performance:

From a performance standpoint, the Crem ONE PROFILER is an incredible piece of equipment. With each boiler regulated independently with a PID, brew temperature is adjustable between 176°F – 212°F and steam temperature between 176°F – 257°F. Temperature remains consistent while brewing, and the machine froths milk at 1.3 bar while steaming. Whether in the home or in the café, owners will appreciate the 7-day on/off programming that allows you to set specific times for each day of the week to have the PROFILER power on and power off so it’s always ready when you need it.

Taking a more modern approach to espresso machine design to accommodate home baristas, the PROFILER has a number of features that set it apart from a more conventional machine. The massive drip tray for example, provides a large surface for cups and other tools, with a removable center panel to provide extra depth for an espresso scale or taller cups. The large capacity also benefits the PROFILER’s boiler drain feature which can be used to empty the entire brew boiler directly into the drip tray. This is perfect for changing out water in the boiler if you’ve been away for extended periods of time or when the machine needs to be transported or shipped.

Of course the key feature of the Crem ONE PROFILER is its variable pressure brewing, accomplished by a variable speed DC voltage rotary pump. The near silent pump can produce brew pressures in a range from 1.5 bar up to 12 bar at max pressure. Using a unique digital controller also found in Audi sports cars, the PROFILER’s pressure profiling knob can make adjustments to brew pressure within 0.2 bar increments for incredibly precise control over your extraction. Up to 5 unique extraction profiles can be named and stored in the menu to access at any time, and you can always use the knob to manually control brew pressures for unique extractions. If you have more than 5, your profiles can be stored digitally and entered back into the machine via a usb drive.

In a more general sense, variable pressure control allows you to both experiment with your espresso extractions and modify pressure on the fly to correct shots if they start to veer off course. Low pressure can be used to gently pre-infuse shots, while high pressure can be used to simulate lever espresso machines or counteract particularly bitter coffees. You can also use the PROFILER with a fixed pressure profile and brew just like you would on a traditional E61 machine.

Additional touches include the angled shot mirror built into the front panel to add a wow factor to bottomless shots, unique angled panel cutouts that can be easily removed and customized, quarter turn steam and hot water knobs, and a lengthy steam wand that can be positioned for hands-free milk frothing. Robust programming, including an ECO mode, standby timer, backflush alerts, water filter/descale reminders, extraction timer duration, and a 7 day on/off schedule to have the PROFILER ready to go when you are.




Property Value
SKU HFC-202306000116
App Connectivity No
Boiler Configuration Dual Boiler
Number of Boilers 2
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Brew Boiler Heater Location Internal
Brew Boiler Insulation Yes
Brew Boiler Material Copper w/Brass Endplates
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 1.5 L
Brew Unit Material Chrome-Plated Brass
Brew Unit Type E61
Back Flush Capable Yes
Brew Group Type E61
Recommended Application Residential / Commercial
Frame Material Plastic
Housing Color Stainless Steel, Black
Housing Material Stainless Steel / Plastic
Maintenance Alerts Yes
Depth (Inches) 18
Height (Inches) 16.5
Weight (Lbs) 77
Width (Inches) 11.8
Bottomless Portafilter Available Yes
Filter Diameter (mm) 58mm
Portafilter Handle Material Plastic
Portafilter Material Chrome-Plated Brass
Number of Portafilters Included 2


Property Value
Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility No
Portafilter Type Commercial Style
Portafilter Weight (lbs) 2
Portafilter Diameter 58mm
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes
Pump Pressure (Max. Bar) 12 bar
Pump Type Rotary
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 3-Year Parts and Labor
Amps 11
Steam Boiler Heater Location Internal
Steam Boiler Insulation Yes
Steam Boiler Material Copper w/Brass Endplates
Steam Boiler Orientation Vertical
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 1.7 L
Steam Boiler Wattage 1,300
Steam Tip Hole Count 2
Steam Wand Material Stainless
Steam Wand Movement Type Fully Articulated
Steam Wand Commercial
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 1.8 L
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Source Reservoir

3 reviews for Crem ONE PROFILER Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

  1. Rihards Veidenbaums

    I typically do not write reviews, but this machine and the experience I have had with HARFAN COFFEE required one. I am coming from an old Saeco machine re-branded for Starbucks that I bought 21 years ago. As I write this sipping my quad shot latte I have no regrets spending about 12x more on the CREM ONE Profiler than my old Saeco. There are soRead more about review stating Great Machine, Great Support many things to love about this machine and I look forward to many, many years learning how to make excellent espresso. It has a ton of features and I can’t get into each of them here. There are some good in-depth reviews on this machine on the web. Dave Corbey did a very good review early-on and a few things have changed since that review. HFC also did a video on CREM ONE Profiler startup guide which has been very helpful. The Boilers are large and heat up suprisingly quick for being so large. I take advantage of the ability to program on and off times for the machine each day of the week so it is warmed up and ready to go when I am. I am learning about pressure profiling and really like the Barista knob on the side of the machine to adjust the pressure of the extremely quiet rotary pump depending on roast and grind. Support has been great from HFC. Tracy, Todd, Brian and all the other support personnel I have e-mailed, chatted and talked with directly have been super helpful. The accessories are great and left me wanting for nothing to create great espresso. The 3 year warranty gives real peace of mind.

  2. Mārtiņš Lejiņš

    While I love the way the machine works and produces consistent shots, I have mixed feelings on this machine.

    The machine arrived with an electronic defect, where after several hours in the ‘off’ mode, the screen glitches out. Turning it on electronically brings it back online, but only a few pixels on the screen are active so you don’t seRead more about review stating Mixed Feelingse what’s going on. Turning the machine completely off and on via the main switch ‘restarts’ the machine back to normal and I can proceed.
    This is a little un-nerving, as the machine relies on the pid and screen for proper use.
    Disappointed that the response from an issue ‘out of the box’ wasn’t simply to get me another properly functioning new machine asap. Last heard from service a week ago. No news since then.

    The machine is very consistent with temperatures. A properly tamped/distributed basket pours lovely as well. I was experiencing channeling issues with another machine that I could almost never work out completely. GSP (Gradual Soft Pre-infusion) may be just the thing that solved this.

    The profiling is simply another nice feature and gives all sorts of flexibility that I haven’t fully explored yet. Excited to try different styles of beans/roasts that gave me trouble before. Very straightforward system.
    Very good steaming, although a little less pressure than my prior machine (Rancilio Silvia w/pid) Produces lovely steam and foam regardless.
    Very easy to keep clean. The giant drip tray is wonderful. The removable middle tray is wonderful. The accessories are very nice.

    Again, my only concerns lie in the electronics as they are the distinguishing feature of this machine over other options.

  3. Eduards Budreiko

    Had it about 2 months now and very pleased. Works flawlessly. I have customized profiles and icon. I use all 3 methods to make espresso/cappuccinos: Manual profile, Saved profile, No profile. Very quiet machine, solid construction. Editing and pushing profiles via USB is not super intuitive however HFC video simplified that learning curve. BTW, prRead more about review stating Crem ONE Profilerior to this machine I had the Crem Expobar Brewtus IV. My son still using that machine today and still performs great. Love this brand.

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