JURA S8 Espresso Machine Moonlight Silver

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JURA S8 Espresso Machine Moonlight Silver

The JURA S8 will satiate your caffeine needs with its one-touch brewing capabilities. Its giant, touchscreen display is incredibly intuitive and fully customizable, letting you program and display all your favorite brews on the main screen for easy access to a delicious pick me up.

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JURA S8 Espresso Machine Moonlight Silver

JURA S8 Overview

The JURA S8 super-automatic machine is the first of its class, combining the best qualities of JURA’s compact machines with the advantages of their more premium models, and reminding us of the wonders of Swiss design.

Features and Performance

First and foremost of the S8’s upgrades is the integrated 4.3” high-resolution color touchscreen display, complete with graphics and animations at every step of preparation. We don’t think it’s ever been easier to navigate and program a drink as it is on the S8.

Altogether, a full range of 15 specialties are available on the S8, including: ristretto, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, caffè latte, espresso macchiato, and flat white. You can also select a portion of milk foam, a portion of milk, hot water, or lower-temp hot water for green tea, which we think is an excellent and thoughtful addition that rounds out this already amazing machine. In a word, it slays.

JURA has also upgraded the Fine Foam Frother on the S8, eschewing the old dial for a much sturdier switch, which allows you to easily adjust milk density for different drinks before, or during, brewing. A true innovation, the JURA S8 has us swooning.

To use the S8, simply touch and hold the desired drink for a few seconds, and you will be treated to a bevy of easily adjustable options and settings. Adjust temperature in three settings, strength in ten, drink volume, and add a special name to complete your custom drink. You can also set your custom drink to brew double the the selected specialty, create a duplicate custom drink to adjust separately, replace or remove a product from the start screen.

The precise, high-speed Aroma G3 grinder, integrated pre-infusion and pulse brewing system, make for delicious drinks; and the machines pre-programmed rinses and maintenance alerts make for a high-functioning machine for years to come.



Property Value
SKU HFC-2023060050
App Connectivity Yes
Boiler Configuration Thermoblock
Number of Boilers 1
Boiler Features Rapid Steam
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Brew Boiler Heater Location External
Brew Boiler Material Stainless Steel-Lined Aluminum
Brew Boiler Type Thermoblock
Brew Group Features Automatic Cleaning Cycle,Preheat Cycle
Brew Unit Material Plastic
Brew Unit Type Automatic
Brew Boiler Wattage 1450
Coffee Dose Quantity (grams/cycle) 5
Recommended Application Home / Residential
NSF Certified No
Display Type LCD (TFT)
Controls and Additional Features Adjustable Coffee Dosage,Automatic Shut-Off,Bypass Doser,Cup Volume Control,Digital Display,Energy Saving Design,Low-Water Warning,Pre-Infusion,Programmable Brewing,Temperature Control
Type of Controls Touch Screen
Adjustable Cup Height Yes
Cup Height (max, inches) 4.6 in
Cup Height (min, inches) 2.8
Cup Warmer Material None
Cup Warmer None
Dreg Drawer Capacity (Spent Pucks) 16
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Frame Material Plastic
Built-In Grinder Yes
Grinder Burr Type Conical Steel
Number of Grinders 1
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 9.9 oz
Removable Bean Hopper No
Grinding Method Burr


Property Value
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color Silver
Housing Material Plastic
Maintenance Alerts Yes
Recommended Milk Carafe Cleaner Jura-Capresso Auto-Frother Cleaner
Recommended Descaler Type Jura Descaling Tablets
Recommended Water Filter Jura Clearyl Smart
Depth (Inches) 17.5
Height (Inches) 13.7
Weight (Lbs) 22.1
Width (Inches) 11
Adjustable Froth Quality Yes
Cappuccino Dispensing Height (inches) 4.5 in
Milk Frother Type Integrated Milk Spout
Pump Pressure (Max. Bar) 15 Bar
Pump Type Vibration
Number of Grinder Settings 7
Warranty Service Provider Email sales@harfancoffee.com
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Limited Warranty
Amps 12.1 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 1450 Watt
Power Cord Length (inches) 43.2 in
Power Cord Storage Yes
Steam Wand Material Plastic
Steam Wand Movement Type Fixed
Steam Wand Autofrother
Water Reservoir Access Location Left Side
Water Reservoir Capacity 63.6 fl-oz
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Filter Included Yes
Water Source Built-In Reservoir

4 reviews for JURA S8 Espresso Machine Moonlight Silver

  1. Camilla Gunnarsson

    This is probably my 6th espresso machine and second super automatic. So far I think it is worth the $$$$. I really like the convenience and the screen display of options. It makes a wonderful coffee to grab and run. On weekends I overindulge on cappuccinos. The milk is so delicious and frothy that I eat it with a spoon. Easy to clean with a cleansRead more about review stating Great machineing tablet (it cues you when to clean and walks you through the simple steps). No need to mess with the inner workings of the machine like my previous super automatic. I would like a bit more crema on the espressos but haven’t fiddled with the grind settings to see if that helps. I would not hesitate to recommend this machine to the person who loves good coffees but doesn’t have the time or inclination to become a bona fide barrista.

    P.S. I received this promptly from HARFAN COFFEE. Very well packed, no damage, and easy to set up.

  2. Edith Löfgren

    We’ve had a super automatic in our house for 20+ years. Previously we had Gaggia models and were very happy with their performance and longevity. I really like the removable brew group feature of the Gaggia machines. Our Gaggia units all had a steam wand, so making milk-based coffee drinks requires more manual effort. We were looking to upgrade whRead more about review stating Love the S8en our previous super automatic started leaking (~10 years old).

    A friend of mine speaks highly of the Jura (he currently owns two) which is why I initially looked at the brand. I was also looking to upgrade to a more automatic milk / froth feature, which the S8 offers. After a bunch of research, reading of other reviews, and looking at several videos, I decided on the S8 over the E8 and other models / brands. I’m an engineer who likes to see data and details. There isn’t much technical data out there so I am including a more detailed review here.

    The S8 touch screen is very good. With that said, you need to get used to it. It can be very sensitive and will react at the slightest touch. As an example, I didn’t think I had even touched the screen but my finger was close and I “accidentally” made an espresso. It looks like there’s an option to cancel but it had started grinding so I let it make the drink. And there are times where it doesn’t seem to react to my touch. Just relax and let the system “catch up” and it works well.

    The S8 is very easy to program. We easily customized the “saved settings” for several drinks including their names. We rearranged the 8 drinks as they appear on the main screen. You can dynamically change the drink while its being made by sliding the strength, length of water of time of milk settings on the screen. This is handy if you accidentally use a cup that can’t accommodate the volume of a coffee drink being produced.

    Some reviews indicate that super automatic machines don’t produce coffee or milk that’s hot enough. The temperatures of our machine are fine (where the drink setting is at the “high” temperature) at about 180F for coffee/espresso as it flows out of the machine, which results in a 150F beverage once it is in the cup and cooling down. Hot milk is dispensed around 135F. I do prefer my coffee and milk hotter than most people so I will preheat my cup before starting a drink.

    Like others have indicated, I would prefer milk settings to be in volume (ounces or ml) instead of time. I “calibrated” the S8 at 30 seconds of milk for both skim milk and whole milk. With the frother handle in the vertical (or 12 o’clock) position it produces 12oz (350ml) of milk and froth. With the frother handle in the horizontal (or 3 o’clock) position it produces 6oz (175ml) of hot milk with a very slight froth. The milk / froth volumes are approximately the same regardless of the fat content of the milk (whole milk or fat-free milk).

    The milk system cleaning instructions appear on the screen and are very intuitive. The system does rinse on startup and on shutdown. I leave a cup under the spouts to catch the water instead of having it rinse into the drip tray. The spent coffee grounds in the dreg drawer are dry and compact (disks) which I like since it appears that the S8 gets a full extraction at pressure.

    One thing I don’t quite understand is the “2x coffee” option (or 2x espresso). It dispenses twice the amount of water for the same dose of ground coffee that is used for a single coffee serving. This results in a weak coffee or espresso. We deleted that option from the main screen and will just prepare two cups of coffee, one after the other, if we need to.

    After just a few days we are very happy with the Jura S8.

  3. Saga Fredriksson

    We bought our first Jura many years ago and over the years gave one each kid as a wedding present. Our original one finally gave up the ghost and was recently replaced with an S8.

    Two early hassles;

    The first was that a signature was required for delivery. Give the customer a no-signature option please.

    Second, after sRead more about review stating Our Fifth Juraetting up the machine for the first time the screen would only show “Empty the drip tray” even though the drip tray was emptied. It would not let us make coffee or even change to another screen. A call to the service center resulted in instructions to hold the two metal tabs on the drip tray under cold water for 45 seconds, saying it might help reset a sensor in the machine. Didn’t work. They said this brand new unit would have to be returned to Jura for exchange. After this discouraging news I tried something, instead of cold tap water I held an ice cube to the metal tabs. It worked and stayed working! Apparently the metal tabs connect with a temperature sensor to signal when the drip tray gets too full. I guess our tap water in Florida isn’t cold enough for this trick to work. I hope this review will help those in tech support help other customers who encounter the same problem.

    I like the straight forward touch screen better than the non-inuitive control wheels found on other models, easier for a guest who hasn’t read the instruction manual to figure out. The screen is optimized for viewing at the level of the screen. If the S8 is on the kitchen counter and you are standing above looking down at it the screen is not quite as easy to read. Quite usable but I find myself bending down to read it.

    The coffee? Oh yeah, it’s great!

  4. Mille Danielsson

    Previously I had a Impressa J9, which I really liked. S8 brings more drinks, a touch screen, larger coffee holder and many more features.

    It is easy to customize drinks. While I haven’t done this, you can change the drinks that are displayed on the screen to more of your favorites.

    Milk and frothing system are vastly improved oveRead more about review stating Great upgrader previous model. Consistent foam is great. While milk drinks are not quite hot enough for my taste, they are significantly hotter than the J9.

    More controls and more intuitive.
    Water filter works well but doesn’t last nearly long enough. I’m using filtered RO water and I still am replacing the filter about every 3 weeks. (Yes, we use the system extensively but the replacement is based on water thru-put and not hardness of the water. When I run out of filters, i’ll remove and descale as needed. More efficient and significantly less costly.

    While I can supposedly customize the strength of various drinks, when I go to clean the spent grounds, there’s a large amount of freshly ground dry coffee that didn’t get brewed that is being wasted. Not good.

    Overall, it’s a nice machine.

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