La Marzocco GS 3 GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine

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La Marzocco GS 3 GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine

What’s Inside The Box

  • Single and Double Portafilter
  • Tamper
  • Blind Basket
  • Detailed Manual
  • Group Head Brush
  • Plumbing Kit
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La Marzocco GS 3 GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine


La Marzocco’s GS/3 is one of the best home machines available today, and its powerful boilers and state-of-the-art heating systems provide the true experience of a cafe in your kitchen. Unlike most other dual boiler machines, the GS/3 uses a saturated brew group in order to perfectly control the temperature of your extraction. This version of the machine is equipped with a mechanical paddle (MP), allowing you the freedom to experiment with preinfusion times and volumes in order to craft your ideal espresso shot. 

La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by brothers Bruno and Giuseppe Bambi in Florence, Italy. Innovation and originality set La Marzocco apart from the competition, and their past contributions to the manufacturing of espresso machines have helped to shape today’s industry standards. Set up your favourite cafe in your own kitchen with the GS/3 MP, one of the most powerful home espresso machines on the market. 

Combining a saturated brew group with a powerful 3.5L steam boiler, PID for temperature control, manual paddle control, adjustable brew pressure, and smartphone compatibility, this fully equipped commercial quality machine provides the best experience in terms of quality and artisanship. 

A programmable start time, remote on and off, temperature control, and pre-infusion setting are just a few of the many features available through the GS/3’s smartphone app, making it one of the more advanced machines we carry while still preserving the analog beauty of a traditional commercial espresso machine. 

Key Features

The GS/3 combines the features below in order to provide you with cafe-quality milk drinks and espresso shots and even plumb your machine directly into a water line for more convenient use. 

  • 3.5L steam boiler
  • 1.5L saturated grouphead
  • Commercial grade rotary pump
  • PID (or digital thermostat) controls for temperature
  • Mechanical Paddle (MP) for full control over espresso extraction
  • Easily adjustable brewing pressure
  • La Marzocco’s ‘connected machine’ smartphone compatibility



38 cm


40.5 cm


53.3 cm


33 kg


La Marzocco



Boiler Material

Stainless Steel

Boiler Size

Coffee – 1.5 l, Steam – 3.5 l

Boiler Type

Dual Boiler

Number Of Boilers


Cup Warmer Type


Easy To Change Brew Pressure

Pressure Profiling

Group Type

Saturated Group

Hand-Made In

Florence, Italy


Stainless Steel

Maximum Cup Height


NSF Certification


Number Of Groups






Pod and Capsule Compatibility


Portafilters Included

Single and Double

Portafilter Size


Pre infusion

Full Range Pressure Manipulation



Solenoid Valve


Steam Wand Type


Type Of Controls

Brew paddle and Touch Screen





Warm up Time


Pump Type


Water Filter Included


Water Source

Plumbed-In or Water Tank

Water Tank Size

3.5 l

Removable Water Tank


6 reviews for La Marzocco GS 3 GS3 MP Mechanical Paddle Group Espresso Machine

  1. Mateo Alvarez

    Very quiet and beautiful to look at. It’s an adjustment from stepped grinding but performs well when you get used to it. It keeps my coffee area cleaner because the grinds fall right into the portafilter which was an added bonus

  2. Eva María Nieto

    Quiet and efficient, no frills just simple elegance. Great grinder for the price.

  3. Raul Iglesias

    Great product, low noise. Received fast and well packed.

  4. María Rosario Lozano

    Very quiet machine with a strong motor. Build quality seems good. It can deliver very fine grinds that are very uniform. A bit difficult to dial in the grind and a bit messy if you are grinding for pour over or French Press since there is no container supplied. I find the grind adjustment difficult to read. The company has a much more expensive maRead more about review stating Great Grinds!chine with digital controls to make this easier.This machine seems to be designed mostly for espresso grinds. For me, this is perfect since I have a second grinder I set for pour over coffee. Its early in the game but this grinder is exactly what I was hoping for.

  5. Jose Mora

    Wow!…so Mark J steered me towards this unit and I have never been led astray so I went for it. What a great grinder! It is “La Marzocco”! Got used to the manual aspect and don’t time my grinds. It’s a beautiful machine and I especially like the clear hopper. Love to see those beans! This is an excellent grinder with micro adjustment which is perfec

  6. María Carmen Carrasco

    After lots of research I finally settled on this grinder and I am really happy with my purchase.

    The grinder is very quiet (that’s what everybody says, but you need to hear it in person!), looks great and produces consistent and fluffy grinds. No clumping, no static.

    I am also using it to grind coarse (pour over or French press).Read more about review stating After lots of research I Many do not recommend this since it can be a hassle with the very sensitive adjustment know, but since I do this only rarely, it’s fine.

    If there is one little drawback, it’s using the grinder with a bottomless filter holder. In this case the filter holder tends to slide off the rounded start button which requires some heightened attention while grinding.

    Otherwise a winner!

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