la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

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la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

Please Note: The la Valentina espresso machine may require several days for prep prior to shipping. Regulations for commercial use vary between states. Be aware of your local requirements. Machines carrying an NSF approval are labeled as such.

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la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

Owning the la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

Boasting 4 programmable buttons, the Grimac Royal Falcon La Valentina automatic brings simplicity to the world of prosumer machines. With these buttons, you can program the machine to dispense as much or as little liquid as you would like, so there’s no need to stand around and wait for the shot to finish brewing. In fact, the machine’s heat exchanger boiler makes it possible for you to use this brewing time to froth and steam milk if you choose. The steam wand is mounted on a ball joint, ensuring that there is an abundance of room in which to fit your frothing pitcher. To maintain temperature and pressure stability, a Sirai commercial pressure stat has also been included. A perfect choice for a small café or other commercial application, this machine is listed for UL and ETL, assuring its compliance with commercial safety standards. However, it’s size and sleek look make it an excellent selection for the discerning home barista as well. The stainless steel housing of the La Valentina helps to form a modified pyramid shape that distinguishes this machine from all others and makes it a genuine conversation piece. Due to its ETL listing, La Valentina comes with taller adjustable legs that can bring the total height of the machine to 17.75 inches, but they may be removed for home use. In addition, it has a permanent plastic covering on the on/off switch to prevent circuitry damage caused by steam. The La Valentina comes with 2 portafilters (1 single spout and 1 double spout), as well as single and double shot filter baskets, a stainless steel coffee scoop, plastic tamper, group brush, and stainless steel backflush disc. A replacement water nozzle, shower screen, and diffuser plate are also included.

For small cafés and specialty retail shops in need of a durable machine, the La Valentina is a cost-effective, low output alternative to constant use machines. The La Valentina is constructed out of commercial-grade components and features an E61 brew group for consistent brewing temperatures. With programmable, automatic brewing controls and unmatched heat retention, the La Valentina Automatic can steam and brew continuously during light to moderate daily use. Programming the machine’s brew settings requires a bit of testing to find the right presets to match your business needs, but once the La Valentina Automatic has been programmed, any user can brew a shot at the press of a button. Although the actual brewing process is automated, the art of brewing, steaming, and frothing comes with experience and training.


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SKU HFC-202306000315

3 reviews for la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine

  1. Miranda Guzmán

    My sister-in-law gave us a Valentina Automatic for Christmas, to replace our aging Quick Mill single-boiler. Right out of the box it made perfect shots, and the steamer works beautifully! Yeah, the drip tray is a little too short, but it’s no problem wiping up splatter with a cloth!

  2. Jorge Rojas

    I have had this machine, automatic unit, for a couple of years and it has preformed seamlessly in every way. I just had to order a new head gasket to replace a leaky one, the other was removed with out any problem.

    I had a slight pump issue but with a few nut checks and a slight adjustment here and there all is fine.

    I would not Read more about review stating I have had this machine, automatic unit, for…hesitate to recommend this machine to anyone.

    There is not really an instruction manual but a page or two of this and that – you will have no troulble since it is easy to program and as with any machine you will need to find your sweet spot with grind and amount for your shots.

  3. Constanza Escobedo

    The La Val is one of those extreamly well made pieces of equipment you can keep for a lifetime. After owning a manual Gensaco machine (essentially the same machine as the Pasquini Livia 90) for 10 years (and still going strong) I got tired of hauling my machine back and forth to a second home, so I moved the Gensaco and sprang for a new home machiRead more about review stating The La Val is one of those extreamly well madene. The La Val has been used daily for almost 2 years and has never let me down. When you are ready to step up to one of the best simi commercial machines on the market you will not be unhappy with this unit. Additionally, this time I purchased the automatic unit which is a dream!

    What do you like best about this product?
    Looks, quality, construction

    Do you have any helpful tips for using this product?
    Buy a great grinder, use quality beans, otherwise don’t spend the $$ for a great machine.

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