Refurbished Ceado E37T Electronic Coffee Grinder Silver

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Refurbished Ceado E37T Electronic Coffee Grinder Silver

The Ceado E37T takes durability to the next level with 83mm titanium burrs. Its functional touch screen display and Ceado’s Portioning System Selector allows you to easily program and dose a single or double shot on-demand, and dialing is easy due to infinite stepless adjustment.

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Refurbished Ceado E37T Electronic Coffee Grinder Silver

Owning the Ceado E37T

The top tier in Ceado’s E37 series, the E37T is a powerful grinder that towers over the others and features an upgraded motor and capacity. Like the E37J and E37S, the E37T is stepless, meaning you have access to essentially infinite grind settings by pulling the adjustment lever on the collar. The mechanically suspended, 750 watt motor is surprisingly quiet, and tirelessly revolves the E37T’s durable 83mm titanium burrs. A built in fan system protects the motor from overheating, ensuring it performs in even the most high stress scenarios and keeps your coffee’s integrity intact. Ceado’s Portioning System Selector allows you to choose between automatically dosing a single or double timed shot, which is consistent within 1/10th of a second, or grinding manually. Grounds are kept clump free by a little flap integrated into the coffee chute, which is very effective at breaking them up so that grounds dispense evenly into the middle of your portafilter each time you grind. Plus, the portafilter locks into place for hands free grinding. Ceado delivers another excellently crafted grinder for bustling cafes with the E37T.

Ceado’s attention to detail is unparalleled when it comes to their thoughtfully designed grinders. One feature we think is leaps and bounds above the competition is Ceado’s Steady Lock Burr Technology. This design keeps the burrs at a constant distance apart from one another, whether they’re grinding for one shot or one hundred. Not only does this make the grind seriously consistent, Steady Lock Burrs never need to be calibrated. So, if your E37T is dialed in already, you can literally lift the burrs apart for cleaning, screw them back together, and grind a great shot right away without any adjustment necessary. For touch screen controls with greater programmability, take a look at the E37S; for home, the E32J is the way to go.


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4 reviews for Refurbished Ceado E37T Electronic Coffee Grinder Silver

  1. Margarita Herrero

    I have been using a Rancilio Rocky grinder for 15 years. Now that I have started to make decaf espresso for my wife I wanted to have 2 grinders. The instructions are too brief. There are three “P”s spaced around the dial that are not explained. But it is a simple machine. Love the way the portafilter triggers the grinder. Good pulls and small footRead more about review stating Glad I finally upgradedprint

  2. Jose Miguel Carmona

    Small profile. Pretty quiet. Good fine grind.

  3. Julio Crespo

    Love it! Definitely a step up from my last grinder. Quiet, fast and easy clean-up.

  4. Miguel Santana

    Fairly quiet with good grind with very little static and clumping.

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