Bezzera Aria PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control Black with Rosewood

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Bezzera Aria PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control Black with Rosewood

The Bezzera Aria is a compact heat exchanger espresso machine that comes equipped with a plumbable rotary pump, PID temperature controller, and E61 flow control device. Its impressive array of features make it a perfect choice for both experienced home baristas and espresso newcomers.

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Bezzera Aria PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control Black with Rosewood

Bezzera Aria Overview

The Bezzera Aria is an attractive and featureful heat exchanger espresso machine, complete with a plumbable rotary pump, PID temperature controller and E61 flow control device. Added niceties like the double and bottomless portafilters, a true usable tamper and the updated design and branding show that Bezzera is paying close attention to features important to home baristas. Cut from the same cloth as machines like the BZ10, the Aria is still under 8 inches wide.

The Black version of the Bezzera Aria includes rosewood accented steam, hot water, and E61 lever knobs as well as rosewood handle portafilters.

Features and Performance

Internally, the Aria houses a number of premium components that deliver both precision control and convenience. The standout feature is easily the NSF-certified Fluid-O-Tech rotary pump which is whisper-quiet when brewing and can achieve a max flow rate of 13.5g per second while brewing. The heat exchanger boiler has a 1.5L capacity and is made from copper, as is Bezzera’s preference. Temperature is regulated via a PID controller and can be adjusted in 1 degree increments. For added temperature stability, the boiler is fitted with a pair of eco brass endplates and wrapped in insulation.

On the exterior, the Aria’s housing features an attractive pattern of square cut-outs. The classic “Biscione” heraldry of Bezzera’s logo is as fierce as ever with a 3D textured design that roars with life on the back panel. The Aria uses a pair of joystick operated steam and hot water wands with spring-loaded valves that can be quickly tapped or locked in place depending on your preference.

While brewing, water flow from the pump to the group can be controlled via the E61 flow control device. Featuring a design unique to Bezzera machines, the oversized knob makes profiling flow simple and ergonomic, allowing you to repeat your desired extraction profiles with ease.

In the box, the Aria includes the following accessories:

Double Spout Portafilter, Bottomless Portafilter, 10g Single-Shot Basket, 20g Triple Shot Basket, Backflush Disc, Bezzera Logo Tamper and Drawstring Bag, E61 Flow Control Device Installation Kit, Water Level Sensor Cover, Group Cleaning Brush, Coffee Scoop



Property Value
SKU HFC-202306000155
Number of Boilers 1
Boiler Features Simultaneous Brew and Steam
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Brew Boiler Heater Location Internal
Brew Boiler Insulation Yes
Brew Boiler Material Copper with Brass Endplates
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Type Heat Exchanger
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 50.7
Brew Group Features Water Flow Rate Control
Brew Unit Material Chrome-Plated Brass
Brew Unit Type E61
Three-Way Valve Yes
Back Flush Capable Yes
Brew Group Size (mm) 58mm
Brew Boiler Wattage 1200W
Display Type PID
Controls and Additional Features Brew Temperature Control, Water Flow Rate Control
Pressure Gauges Brew and Steam
Type of Controls PID, Brew Lever, Flow Control Knob
Cup Warmer Material Stainless Steel
Cup Warmer Passive
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) Yes
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Portafilter Baskets Included Single (10g), Double (20g), Backflush
Frame Material Stainless Steel


Property Value
Housing Color Black
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Depth (Inches) 16.85
Height (Inches) 16.18
Weight (Lbs) 52.9
Width (Inches) 7.87
Bottomless Portafilter Available Included
Filter Diameter (mm) 58mm
Portafilter Handle Material Plastic
Portafilter Material Chrome Plated Brass
Number of Portafilters Included 2 (double and bottomless)
Portafilter Type Commercial
Portafilter Weight (lbs) 2
Portafilter Diameter 58mm
Pump Type Rotary
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 3-Year Parts and Labor
Steam Tip Hole Count 2
Steam Wand Material Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Movement Type Fully Articulated
Steam Wand Commercial
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 101
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Source Reservoir and Plumbed

5 reviews for Bezzera Aria PID Espresso Machine with Flow Control Black with Rosewood

  1. Arlene Crooks

    Great machine at this price. Build quality is high. I enjoy the consistent results thanks to the PID. Not really suited for Americanos, but a dedicated water pitcher fixes that.

  2. Dimitri Jones

    This is a great little HX!

    It looks fantastic and comes with all the history of the Bezzera brand. It’s simple to use and since it’s more mechanical vs electric buttons, we fully expect it to stand the test of time.

    One of the other things that pulled us towards this machine is that Bezzera makes nearly all of their components Read more about review stating This is a great littlein-house. Any replacement parts are easy to find.

    When using it we get consistent results. The machine is good to go in about 20-25 min (but isn’t at peak warmth until about 35 minutes). We typically make 3-4 espresso / milk drinks and have not faced a lack of steam or temperature. Very pleased and impressed with the machine!

  3. Albina Gleichner

    Functional and beautiful. Small size but lots of performance. The drip tray is easy to clean. Love that it comes with a bottomless basket holder.

  4. Rasheed Veum

    This was my first true espresso machine and I made a good choice. Great machine once you get used to the flow control. Less than stock flow does result in geeat shots. It’s fun play with the full range flow control aspect of the machine. As it’s been said, I wish the drip tray interior was polished. I put citric acid and water in the drip tray forRead more about review stating Just about perfect. about an hour or so and the weld marks just about dissapeared. The width is a little wider then advertised but the machine fits easily on countertop. I did however have to take brew lever off to apply needed lubrication to key spots to eliminate queaking sound. The operation is now great.

  5. Era Bechtelar

    I love the Bezzera. It’s very solid machine and easy to use. Thank you HarfanCoffee!

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