Bezzera Matrix DE Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Bezzera Matrix DE Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Matrix DE is a luxe dual boiler espresso machine with color customizable panels, an intuitive touch screen display, triple PID thermostats, automated pre-infusion, brewing, and backflushing, that automatically made our list of top five awesome prosumers.

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Bezzera Matrix DE Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Features and Performance

Just like on the MN model, the Matrix DE can morph from one color to the next to accommodate shifting tastes, using the touch screen display. From the display you can also control the brew and steam boiler temperatures by adjusting their respective PIDs, and, unlike the MN, a third PID automatically regulates the temperature in Bezzera’s specially designed, electronically heated group head.

Within a few clicks you can program the machine to turn on and off at particular times, change from reservoir to plumbed operation, and instruct the machine to backflush itself. A major upgrade from the MN version is the Matrix DE’s volumetric brewing capability. You can program four different shot volumes or brew manually, because Bezzera is all about options and we are here for it.

They also let you choose between plumbed and reservoir operation, and, another new addition, choose which boiler has priority during heat up. Or, you could just program your Matrix DE to turn on automatically before you wake up so it’s ready to brew by the time you’re ready to stand.

The Matrix DE features the same automated pre-infusion as found on the MN model, and operation is the same. Brewing is easy using the intuitive push button and toggle operation; each function designated by a stylized icon. Steaming too, the Matrix DE’s rosewood steam knob toggles on for powerful steaming, and flipping it up locks it into place for an uninterrupted stream. You can get really amazing shots on-demand if you dial in the pre-infusion and shot times, or experiment by brewing manually depending on your mood, which, we assume is linked to whatever the color of your machine is that day.



Property Value
SKU HFC-2023060062
App Connectivity No
Boiler Configuration Dual Boiler
Number of Boilers 2
Boiler Features Brew & Steam Simultaneously
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Brew Boiler Heater Location Internal
Brew Boiler Insulation Yes
Brew Boiler Material Copper
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 15 fl-oz
Three-Way Valve Automatic
Back Flush Capable Yes
Brew Group Material Chrome Plated Brass
Brew Group Size (mm) 58 mm
Brew Group Type BZ
Brew Boiler Wattage 800
Recommended Application Home / Residential
Display Type LCD
Controls and Additional Features Aroma / Flow Control,Automatic Shut-Off,Brew Temperature Display,Brewing Complete Indicator,Clock / Timer,Cup Volume Control,Digital Display,Energy Saving Design,Low-Water Warning,Power Light,Pre-Infusion,Programmable Brewing,Steam Control,Temperature Control
Pressure Gauges Brew Circuit,Steam Boiler
Type of Controls Touch Screen
Cup Height (max, inches) 3.5 in
Cup Warmer Material Stainless Steel
Cup Warmer Size (L-in x W-in) 10.5″ x 5″
Cup Warmer Passively Heated
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) Yes
Drip Tray Capacity (oz) 34 fl-oz
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Portafilter Baskets Included Double,Single
Frame Material Steel
Housing Color Stainless Steel
Housing Material Stainless Steel,Stainless Steel (Polished)
Foot/Leg Height (inches) 1.75 in
Recommended Descaler Type Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler
Depth (Inches) 18.5
Height (Inches) 16.5
Weight (Lbs) 85.5


Property Value
Width (Inches) 12.2
Bottomless Portafilter Available Yes
Filter Diameter (mm) 58 mm
Portafilter Handle Material Rosewood
Portafilter Material Chrome Plated Brass
Number of Portafilters Included 2
Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility Ground Coffee
Portafilter Type Commercial Style
Portafilter Weight (lbs) 1.25 lbs
Portafilter Diameter 58 mm
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes
Pump Type Rotary
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 3-Year Parts and Labor
Amps 20 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 1200 Watt
Power Cord Length (inches) 48 in
Power Cord Storage No
Steam Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Steam Boiler Heater Location Internal
Steam Boiler Insulation Yes
Steam Boiler Material Copper
Steam Boiler Orientation Vertical
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 35.5 fl-oz
Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief Valve Yes
Steam Boiler Wattage 1200 Watt
Steam Wand Features No-Burn,Swappable Steam Tips
Steam Tip Hole Count 2
Steam Wand Material Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Movement Type Fully Articulated
Steam Wand Commercial
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 135 fl-oz
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Source Reservoir and Water Line
Maximum Incoming Water Pressure (PSI) 29 PSI

4 reviews for Bezzera Matrix DE Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

  1. Tatiana Liiv

    I’m loving my new machine, craftsmanship is top-notch. I’m coming from a Profitec and really enjoy the joystick-style steam and hot water wand.
    The main reason this machine separates itself from the others is the lighting on the brew group and the Cool Factor, the lights really made a difference in seeing your shots better.
    I would definitRead more about review stating This Bezzera Matrix DE offers something many others do not.ely recommend HARFAN COFFEE as their videos and expertise really helped me with my decision.

  2. Tiiu Peterson

    Gorgeous looking machine, really did become a focal point in the kitchen.
    Like the combo of classic and modern approach.
    Only had it for a month, seems built like a tank, hopefully the reliability will be up to par.
    Have it plumbed it with bws filter. Works great, paired with Ceado 37 J, took a little while but now they play nicely Read more about review stating Gorgeous looking machine, really didtogether.
    Great tasting shots…

  3. Ljudmila Mihhailova

    This machine is great! I am impressed with all the features included in this model. The technical craft and attention to detail is impressive. I use this machine multiple times a day, and it performs perfectly to spec. I wanted something that could make a great espresso, and would hopefully last a very long time. I look forward to caring for and mRead more about review stating The Bezzera Matrix is great!aintaining this machine for many years to come.

  4. Maie Kull

    I have had the Bezzera Matrix DE for a couple of weeks now. I moved from a Breville Oracle Touch.
    In a true sense this is the real thing – I direct plumbed the unit using a Flojet 5000 and with an attached drain connection what a wonderful improvement. A very solidly built machine and works excellently. With pre-infusion and volumetric dosing Read more about review stating The Matrix is my Bright Spot- my Expresso’s have never tasted better. Enjoyed working with HARFAN COFFEE and I know they will be there if I need help!! Thank you!!

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