ECM V Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

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ECM V Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

The ECM V-Titan 64 offers a light commercial-grade grinder with a classic aesthetic built to last a lifetime or longer. Employing a powerful motor and long-lasting titanium coated burrs, the V-Titan 64 grinder is at the top of its class.

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ECM V Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

ECM V-Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

The ECM V-Titan 64 is a powerhouse prosumer/light commercial-level grinder with 1950’s styling and a commercial-grade heart. At the core of the V-Titan are two flat, titanium-coated 64mm burrs, from which it gets its name.

Features and Performance

When asked, ECM stated these burrs could withstand 1200 kg of coffee before needing replacement. In effect, this translates to burrs that can withstand a staggering 100 years worth of use and still remain sharp. Grinding is controlled by the silver-finished display at the bottom of the machine which features two pre-set grinding times, adjustable to within a tenth of a second. The powerful 450 watt motor lets the V-Titan 64 grind 11 grams of coffee in just about 2.5 seconds, matching or even exceeding most grinders in its price range.

Grind-setting drift has always been a source of frustration for us here at the office, and the ECM V-Titan 64 eliminates this with the critical addition of the worm gear. This adjustment allows you to finely tune your grind setting and lock it in place, ensuring that the grind size is always what you set it to be.

Because the worm-gear’s adjustments are so fine, this makes the V-Titan something of an espresso specialist. You’ll want to keep that in mind if you expect to grind for a range of brew methods, as large adjustments to grind size will take some time and effort. If you plan on sticking to an espresso grind-size, however, the V-Titan will perform very well.

Why You Should Get It

Gorgeous looks aside, the V-Titan 64 is a powerhouse espresso grinder with precision adjustment and burrs that will probably stay sharp for the rest of your life. It grinds coffee quickly, and you won’t need to worry about your settings drifting because of the worm-gear adjustment. If you’re looking for a new grinder to pair with your high-end prosumer espresso machine, the ECM V-Titan 64 offers an excellent if not perfect match.


Property Value
SKU HFC-20230600168
Recommended Application Home / Residential
Display Type LEDs
Type of Controls Electronic
Frame Material Steel
Grinder Features Easy Access to Burrs
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 64
Grinder Burr Type Titanium Coating
Dispensing Method Doserless
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid No
Separate Ground Coffee Container No
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 17.6 oz
Removable Bean Hopper Yes
Grinding Method Flat Burr


Property Value
Programmable Grinding Double,Single
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color Stainless Steel
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Depth (Inches) 9.84
Height (Inches) 17.75
Weight (Lbs) 21.6
Width (Inches) 7.87
Number of Grinder Settings Infinite
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Amps 3.75 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 450 Watt

3 reviews for ECM V Titan 64 Espresso Grinder

  1. Mirella Molnár

    The grinder arrived well packed and in perfect condition. I put some beans in and pressed the button to see how fine they looked to start dialing the grinder in. I got about a cup of grinds all over the place. The grinder was set to very coarse. I tightened the gap but it was still way too coarse. I kept tightening it until it stopped but shots toRead more about review stating Works well after some initial set up issuesok about 3 seconds. By this time, I had gone through close to a pound of beans. I called support and they were very responsive and recommended taking the burrs apart to see if there was built up coffee. Turns out some coffee built up on the sides and was preventing me from adjusting the grinder to its finer settings. Putting the grinder back together, I was able to find the 0 point by tightening the burrs until I could no longer move the lower burr by hand. I then backed off about 4 numbers on the dial.

    After fixing the issue, I have been dialing the grinder in over the last week each AM as I make shots. To hit 25 seconds on 17 grams, I have the grinder set about 2 numbers from the 0 point. As you make the grinds finer, you get less coffee for a given amount of grind time, so you have to adjust the timing as well if you are looking for a fixed number of grams.

    If you purchase this, I would recommend tightening the burrs with the unit off, hopper off and with no coffee beans until you cannot turn the lower burr with your finger to find the 0 point. Back off 2 -3 numbers as a starting point. Ideally this grinder should ship with the burrs set close to this adjustment but mine did not.

    Overall it works well and the timer is +/- a gram from shot to shot. The grinds fall into the portafilter without making a mess and they are fluffy and consistent. Adjusting the timing is easy but you have to act quickly to go from selecting T1 or T2 to changing the seconds or the unit resets. Overall 4 stars.

  2. Zsombor Mészáros

    This is one nice looking grinder! It sits next to my ECM Synchronika and what a pair! It’s pretty, powerful, accurate, repeatable, and easy to adjust. I like the microadjustment knob on the grind. I took a star off because the numbers on the grind adjustment are hard to read and there is no mark as a reference to set the numbers. Hard to explain, Read more about review stating Great looking grinder!but the result is it takes a long time to get the grind set right. Count on using 1/4 pound of coffee beans to set the grind when you try a new bean. Not a big problem, and otherwise an excellent grinder. Read Less

  3. Bettina Faragó

    It’s fast, accurate and easy to use. So far it’s been easy to keep clean as well. The grinds tend not to make a mess like my old rocky grinder. Its elegant looks pair great with my machine.

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