Eureka Helios 80 in Red

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Eureka Helios 80 in Red

The Eureka Helios 80 in red is a commercial-grade grinder that features 80mm flat hardened steel burrs, micrometric stepless adjustments, and an intuitive touchscreen that makes it easy to choose one of your three pre-programmed doses and have it in seconds.

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Eureka Helios 80 in Red

Eureka Helios 80 in Red Overview

The Eureka Helios 80 is a commercial-grade grinder that’s perfect for any commercial kitchen, cafe, or commercial level at-home setup. The Helios 80 has the high-quality features that Eureka is known for, including their patented micrometric stepless adjustments, the ACE system, and programmable dosing options on the machine’s full-color touchscreen display. The Helios 80 can grind up to 8 grams of coffee per second, so you can keep the flow of your brewing process moving quickly while still getting great consistent results for your doses.

Features and Performance

The micrometric stepless adjustments of the Helios 80 will allow you to dial in your coffee with extreme precision and accuracy. The 80mm hardened steel burrs allow for an even distribution of heat to the grounds with minimal heat and fewer rotations per dose as it turns out 6.5 to 8 grams of coffee per second. With the high-speed dispersion and Eureka’s ACE (Anti-Clump & Electrostatic) system, the dispensing time will be reduced while still creating fewer fines and boulders in your coffee.

The dosing timer on the Helios 80 is highly programmable with three customizable settings that allow you to get the right dose timing with just one touch. The touchscreen has a range of features, including the ability to program 3 different custom doses. You can choose to start the grinding process by hitting the microswitch, using the touchscreen, or combining both by choosing to have both enabled. You can also lock the dosing amounts to make sure you don’t lose track or accidentally change anything once you find the right dose.

This commercial-grade grinder is built to last with high-quality materials, convenient maintenance reminders, and features specifically designed to make maintenance easier. The grinder is also designed to be easy to open, making maintenance quicker and easier to perform. This grinder will fit into any commercial kitchen or cafe setup, and it will also work as a prosumer-grade grinder for your home setup.

Why You Should Get It

The Eureka Helios 80 is a great choice if you’re looking for a commercial-grade grinder that will allow for extreme precision and a fast grind time. With 80mm hardened steel burrs, a 340w motor, and the ability to dispense 6.5g-8g of coffee per second, you can make sure you’re getting a grinder that’s powerful and efficient without sacrificing the quality of your coffee.


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SKU HFC-20230600123

7 reviews for Eureka Helios 80 in Red

  1. María Dolores Martinez

    Perfect for my Expresso needs. It’s not obnoxiously loud and easy to set up. Heavier than expected and is very nice quality.

  2. Jose Antonio Lorenzo

    This adorable grinder takes up barely any room and it looks great! It is simple to us and adjusting was easy! Yes, if you need a grinder and want to not spend a ton- add it to your espresso routine. The fresh ground is a difference you will want.

  3. Adrian Roman

    Amazing grinder. Quiet that you can easily have a conversation when it’s grinding. The adjustment is fantastic give you the perfect grind for your espresso.
    After researching the market I found the price at HarfanCoffee to be better than the competition. Also the shipping was super fast. Nothing bad to say. Happy with my grinder and the sRead more about review stating Quiet as the name sayservice received from HarfanCoffee.

  4. Lucia Campos

    This machine is a lot quieter in person than I expected. It is easy to use and the size is perfect. I was worried that I might be missing out by not spending extra on the PID features on more expensive Eureka grinders but this one suits my needs perfectly

  5. Ignacio Rodriguez

    You need an area around the grinder as it spews coffee grinds while grinding. Quiet though, and pretty.

  6. María Ángeles Sanchez

    Maybe it’s just the fact that my previous grinder wailed like a banshee, but the Eureka is dead silent and delivers fine, fluffy grounds. The only minor downside is that the spout tends to dump the coffee too close to the handle, which leads to some spillage.

  7. Manuel Santos

    As hard as I try to be clean this grinder spits coffee all over the counter

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