Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte Black

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Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte Black

The Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Grinder is a commercial-grade machine that features an updated engine for more power and less energy consumption, stepless micrometric adjustment, and 75mm flat burrs. The Olympus 75 NEO is meant for high productivity settings and can grind 4.9g to 5.9g of coffee per second.

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Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte Black

Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Overview

The highly efficient Eureka Olympus 75 NEO is perfect for any fast-moving commercial environment. The updated engine offers high-performance results while also reducing energy use, meaning a lower cost energy bill without sacrificing a high-quality machine. The Olympus 75 NEO can grind 4.9g to 5.9g of coffee per second and has a grinding capacity of 7 kg a day, so you can keep turning back to this machine all day long.

Features and Performance

The Olympus 75 NEO has all of the features that we’ve come to expect from Eureka grinders, including hardened steel flat burrs, stepless micrometric adjustment, and their ACE (Anti-Clump & Electrostaticity) System. All of these features allow for precise consistency and dosing, meaning you’re getting the same dose every time after dialing in.

The LCD screen on the Olympus 75 NEO lets you customize your pre-set doses, view your dose timer, and more. You have the options to use one of the customizable options for a single or double dose, add an extra half-dose, or manually choose dose time, so you have complete control over your grind time. As an espresso-oriented grinder, precision dosing is key to pulling great shots, and the ability to fine-tune your dose timing will help you get consistent results.

As a commercial-grade machine, precision and reliability are important, but convenience is as well. Eureka gets the details right with the Olympus 75 NEO with an adjustable hands-free fork to hold your portafilter, a spotlight so you can clearly see what you’re grinding, and a bean hopper that holds 1.2kg of coffee. Eureka’s high-speed maintenance is also present on this machine, so you can easily open the top of the machine to perform repairs and routine maintenance. In addition, since the stepless micrometric adjustment only moves the bottom burr, you won’t have to readjust your burrs to get back to the same settings after opening the machine to perform maintenance.

Why You Should Get It

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade grinder that is reliable, efficient, and convenient, the Eureka Olympus 75 NEO is right for you. With stepless micrometric adjustment, a customizable dose timer, and 75mm hardened steel flat burrs that grind between 4.9g and 5.9g of coffee per second, you’ll get consistent results that will keep your commercial kitchen moving.



Property Value
SKU HFC-20230600100
Recommended Application Residential / Commercial
Display Type LCD (Monochromatic)
Type of Controls Push Button
Frame Material Aluminum
Grinder Features Easy Access to Burrs, ACE Anti-Clumping System
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 75
Grinder Burr Type Hardened Steel
Dispensing Method Doserless
Grinder Drive System Direct Drive
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid No
Separate Ground Coffee Container No
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 49.4 oz
Removable Bean Hopper Yes
Grinding Method Flat Burr


Property Value
Programmable Grinding Double,Manual,Single
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color Black
Housing Material Aluminum
Depth (Inches) 10.39
Height (Inches) 23.23
Weight (Lbs) 33.51
Width (Inches) 8.7
RPM (Burrs) 1400 RPM
Number of Grinder Settings Infinite
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 1-Year Parts and Labor
Amps 6.6 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 340 Watt

5 reviews for Eureka Olympus 75 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte Black

  1. Matías Lopez

    I have not put this grinder to work yet. Still learning the ins and outs of it but so far I am really impressed. It is sturdy for sure, seems very easy to dial in and so far I am really pleased and would definitely recommend this grinder.

  2. David Fernández

    I am very pleased with my Eureka grinder. It’s easy to program and there is little waste. Highly recommend!

  3. Javier Gallego

    I bought this grinder with the Bezzera Duo De. This grinder is really, really fast. The grinds are fantastic, and the machine looks great. I upgraded from the Sette 270. The main reason was the sette was just too loud for me to grind in the morning when others were asleep. This grinder is much quieter-although I wouldn’t say it is the quietest outRead more about review stating Excellent Grinder there, it is really fast and quiet enough that it doesn’t wake anyone. I have found the grind retention to be very little. Its a wonderful grinder overall for espresso. Built like a tank and consistent.

  4. Miguel Saez

    This Eureka Olympus Grinder is super fast, and accurate. There is no grinder that can compete in motor power, quality of grind in this price range.

  5. Santino Castro

    This is a wonderful grinder! I got it to go with an ECM Synchronika. I love the ease in dialing in the correct grind with it’s minute adjustments.

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