Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed Espresso Grinder in Chrome

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Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed Espresso Grinder in Chrome

The mythically high speed Eureka Olympus 75 E has 75 mm flat burrs backed up by an 800 watt motor for shots in under three seconds. It features micrometric stepless adjustment, and programmable single and double shot buttons, which accurately dose within 1/10th of a second.

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Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed Espresso Grinder in Chrome

Owning the Eureka Olympus 75 E High Speed Espresso Grinder

The Olympus 75 E wasn’t named after the tallest mountain in Greece solely based on its sheer scale: its 75mm hardened steel flat burrs and high-speed grind dispersion technology deliver a lightning speed grind time of 2.4 seconds per double shot, as if it was pulled by the Olympian god Zeus himself.

Features and Performance

Eureka, ever the innovators, equipped the Olympus with their patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, which allows for an infinite play between the burrs. The adjustment knob glides easily between coarse and fine adjustments for the occasional pour over or the like, though, frequent changes between brew methods would not be ideal.

The Olympus truly shines in the espresso realm, especially given the single and double shot timed dosing controls, which can be programmed to dispense grounds on demand for even easier operation. Similar to the Zenith and Atom grinders from Eureka, the Olympus features super intuitive controls. No need to navigate a menu, instead, simply select the dose you want to change, and press the plus or minus buttons until you reach the desired amount of coffee. Otherwise, you can always grind manually. For shots of mythological proportion, look no further than the Eureka Olympus 75 E.

Why You Should Get It

Eureka has a high attention to detail and innovation when it comes to their grinders, and the Olympus is no different. It’s as beautiful as it is functional. It features an anti-static and anti-clumping device, that eliminates electrostatic from the grounds, turning them as fluffy as they are consistent.

The portaholder can be fitted to any portafilter with a small adjustment, and, to ensure those fluffy grounds always dispense into the center of your basket, you can adjust the coffee chute itself.

Perhaps our favorite feature is the burr design. The bottom burr, rather than the top, responds to the micrometric adjustment knob. Meaning, you can remove the top burr for cleaning without affecting the grind setting. So, you can clean those burrs and keep on grinding without a moment’s pause. For a high-demand shop or entertainer’s kitchen, you’ve set your sights on the right match.


Property Value
SKU HFC-20230600181
Recommended Application Residential / Commercial
Display Type LCD (Monochromatic)
Type of Controls Push Button
Frame Material Aluminum
Grinder Features Easy Access to Burrs
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 75
Grinder Burr Type Steel
Dispensing Method Doserless
Grinder Drive System Direct Drive
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid No
Separate Ground Coffee Container No
Ground Coffee Container Material N/A
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 10.58 oz
Grinding Method Flat Burr


Property Value
Programmable Grinding Double,Manual,Single
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color Chrome
Housing Material Aluminum
Depth (Inches) 10.82
Height (Inches) 18.9
Weight (Lbs) 28.66
Width (Inches) 9.44
RPM (Burrs) 1400 RPM
Number of Grinder Settings Infinite
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 1-Year Parts and Labor
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 800

6 reviews for Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed Espresso Grinder in Chrome

  1. Surya Saraf

    This is THE grinder. I upgraded from a Gaggia MDF and my shots are now better and far more consistent. The stepless adjustment is really needed for achieving the best grind. Before I was always one notch after or before but never there. This is true even with a Rocky, which has more settings than the MDF.

  2. Pranay Sahota

    This Eureka Olympus Grinder is super fast, and accurate. There is no grinder that can compete in motor power, quality of grind in this price range.

  3. Usman Wagle

    I bought this grinder with the Bezzera Duo De. This grinder is really, really fast. The grinds are fantastic, and the machine looks great. I upgraded from the Sette 270. The main reason was the sette was just too loud for me to grind in the morning when others were asleep. This grinder is much quieter-although I wouldn’t say it is the quietest outRead more about review stating Excellent Grinder there, it is really fast and quiet enough that it doesn’t wake anyone. I have found the grind retention to be very little. Its a wonderful grinder overall for espresso. Built like a tank and consistent.

  4. Rían Smith

    This is such a beautiful and effortless machine to use. I expect that it will last me a lifetime. It shoots the shoes out from under my old Saeco.

    What do you like best about this product?
    The speed with which it grinds, its abilty to dispense a truly fine grind, the lack of grinds flying all over the place. It’s quiet!!!

  5. Hazel Wilson

    It’s true what everybody says, it’s a beast ! Getting ready to add a PT 700. Grinds a lot finer than my first grinder, the ole Gaggia MDF that I have mastered. and will be missed Will be the last grinder I ever have to purchase.

  6. Luca Casey

    Have used this grinder since 2020. Have only once changed burrs. Keep it regularly cleaned. Expect it to last a lifetime.

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