Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte White

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Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte White

The commercial-grade Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder has all of the features Eureka is known for, like stepless micrometric adjustment, easy maintenance, and 65mm hardened steel burrs. It also includes unique features like an LCD display, two dose presets that can be programmed within 1/10th of a second, and reduced energy consumption without sacrificing power.

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Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte White

Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder Overview

The Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder can grind up to 3.8g/s, has a micrometric adjustment knob, 65mm hardened steel burrs, and even more features that make it perfect for a commercial setting. The clean, simple design of the Zenith Neo will look nice in a range of settings, and the 2.6 lb clear plastic bean hopper will complement any coffee setup you have in your cafe or restaurant.

Features and Performance

The Zenith’s 65mm flat burrs are made of hardened steel and are designed to grind up to 7.7 lbs of coffee per day, and the ability to change the time for the single and double dose buttons makes it easy to set the dose and keep the coffee-making process moving.

The Zenith is engineered for high consistency when grinding. Eureka’s ACE (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity) System is also a part of this grinder, so there’s reduced static electricity from the machine and the coffee comes out fluffy and ready for brewing. When multiple shots worth of coffee are ground in a row, you’ll see very little difference in the amount of coffee ground out as well.

Other features that make this grinder convenient for your commercial space include the adjustable chute, the spotlight, and the removable and adjustable portafilter holder. This means that you can make sure the chute is angled just right for whatever you’re grinding your coffee into, whether it’s a portafilter or a dosing cup to pour into a coffee maker. The spotlight will help you see how much coffee is in the basket as well as where it’s landing. The adjustable portafilter holder will help you keep your portafilter in the perfect position whether you’re using a smaller basket for single shots or a larger one for double shots. You can also use the portafilter book to grind your coffee completely hands free. These features help you make sure that your grinder isn’t slowing down the brewing process so you can get coffee to your customers (or just to yourself) as efficiently and easily as possible.

Why You Should Get It

The Eureka Zenith Neo Grinder is reliable, adjustable, and programmable so you can make it fit your needs whether you’re putting it in a coffee shop or an at-home setup. With micrometric hardened steel burrs, customizable dosing presets, and consistent grinding results, you can rely on the Zenith Neo to help you pull great shots of espresso every time.


Property Value
SKU HFC-20230600105
Recommended Application Residential / Commercial
Display Type LCD (Monochromatic)
Type of Controls Push Button
Frame Material Aluminum
Grinder Features Easy Access to Burrs, ACE Anti Clumping System
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 65
Grinder Burr Type Steel
Dispensing Method Doserless
Grinder Drive System Direct Drive
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 41.6 oz
Grinding Method Flat Burr
Programmable Grinding Single,Double,Manual


Property Value
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Housing Color White
Housing Material Aluminum
Depth (Inches) 10.4
Height (Inches) 22
Weight (Lbs) 26
Width (Inches) 9.13
RPM (Burrs) 1310 RPM
Number of Grinder Settings Infinite
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 1-Year Parts and Labor
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 280 Watt

7 reviews for Eureka Zenith 65 NEO Espresso Grinder in Matte White

  1. Parker Hill

    It’s true that a grinder makes a huge difference. I got this machine paired with a new Synchronika and together they have elevated my cappuccino making to a new level. Grinder is fast, quiet, and most important produces a consistent texture that makes a great shot.

    If I got to change one thing I would make its controls a little smarter. IRead more about review stating Yes it’s a beast but that’s a good thingts timed mode is not up to snuff, it seems to want to finish its time period no matter what. Other lesser grinders have this figured out to mix timed and manual more effectively. I ended up just putting it in 100% manual which works fine. It’s so fast I don’t mind just waiting for it to fill the portafilter.

  2. Hudson Lewis

    Totally worth it. Having spent hundreds on other grinders and always missing the mark I bit the bullet and got this guy. It’s built like a tank, makes angelicly fluffy consistent grinds with no clumps and keeps it’s setting like a boss. This has removed a big variable in my espresso journey and I totally recommend this machine. Is it a lot of moneRead more about review stating Ridiculous spend or totally worth it?y? Sure, to folks that just don’t understand us…

  3. Ryan Baker

    This grinder is exactly as advertised, only time will tell how it holds up. It is easy to program and to adjust the grind.

  4. Isaac Hill

    When I decide to upgrade my espresso setup I bought a Baratza Vario to replace my Delonghi. The Baratza is an excellent grinder however made a bit of a mess, also was a bit loud. After a month of research weighing the pro and con of all the reviews of the grinder in the 1k price range, I found a lot of faults that I was not willing to accept. I knRead more about review stating Serious Piece of Hardwareew if I bite the bullet and jump to the Eureka I wouldn’t have to think about it ever again.

    I was right; the Eureka is a fantastic grinder! It looks like a serious piece of countertop hardware, and it is also beautiful. I am amazed at how quiet it is; Mark is right the tone it admits is charming low tone. The touch screen beautiful and sensitive to the touch. I glad to say, no mess! No issues with static, the coffee flows right into the portafilter.

    I always heard about the taste would be different, and after getting it dialed in (about a pound later), the taste was terrific. If you can get this grinder, get it!

  5. Luke Thomas

    Was easy to set up. Is quiet and looks great next to my Quickmill Anreja.

  6. Jude Watson

    The grinder is quiet, consistent and dispenses great grounds right into the middle of the portafilter. It’s also pretty low retention so it’s good for single dosing. My one gripe is that the grind size scale on the top of the unit is misaligned so 0 on the scale is nowhere near where the burrs touch. I wasted a pound of beans grinding closer and cRead more about review stating Great grinder, but the labels are offloser to 0 with my espresso shots still being way off before I called tech support for help. Then I found out that the scale was actually completely bullshit and the right setting was 1/3 of the way past where zero is. This is a real disappointment for a grinder that costs $1700 — it should come out of the box with a scale that is aligned in the right grind size range. Instead, I’m now operating on a grind setting where there isn’t even a scale so it’s difficult to go back to a specific grind setting later. That being said, if you don’t mind the fact that the scale is BS, it’s a really great grinder.

  7. Matthew Green

    Took a pound of beans and 3 calls to tech support to get it tuned in, but it was worth it. Great, consistent grinder.

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