La Marzocco Strada Mechanical Paddle MP 2 Group

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La Marzocco Strada Mechanical Paddle MP 2 Group

Please note that the pictures are just representations. The unit in the pictured is a Strada 3 Group Mechanical Paddle (3MP).

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La Marzocco Strada Mechanical Paddle MP 2 Group



In addition to La Marzocco’s distinctive features like saturated brew groups, stainless steel boilers and PID system, the Strada is a new machine that allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction! Strada is a machine designed for and by baristas created with continuous design involvment by the La Marzocco Street Team, a panel of leading baristas, technicians and market experts from around the world, who gathered to partecipate in such topics as: machine design and ergonomics, extraction and quality in the cup, programmability and serviceability.


4 reviews for La Marzocco Strada Mechanical Paddle MP 2 Group

  1. Nya Schulist

    The grinder works great I love the fine adjustment.

  2. Haskell Huel

    After two months’ hard use, this grinder is excellent in terms of noise, dosing convenience and consistency of grind. I cannot imagine a more perfect grinder – fluffy, static-free grinds, practically zero retention, simple and flexible adjustment, automatic repeatable dosing – dial-in for espresso was a breeze! Absolutely no regrets!

  3. Ida Witting

    The La Marzocco is outstanding. Its quiet, doesn’t make a mess on the counter, is accurate and fast. Adjusting the grind is easy as well. Make no mistake, this is an expensive grinder, but when you try it, listen to it, work with it, you can tell the quality and features are outstanding.

  4. Frankie Wolf

    This grinder is everything that people have said it is and more. Other than turning on my espresso machine, this is the first thing I use each day and it’s truly a pleasure. The grinds that drop into the portafilter are super fluffy, centered and static free. If I tap the portafilter on the counter after filling, the grinds drop down 1/2″ at leastRead more about review stating Amazing Grinder. My only real complaint is that I need a second one for Decaf in the afternoon since it is difficult to change out the beans and I’m not sure my significant other is quite on board with that yet!

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