La Marzocco Strada Volumetric Dosing AV 3 Group

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La Marzocco Strada Volumetric Dosing AV 3 Group

Please note that the pictures are just representations. The unit in the pictured is a Strada Volumetric Dosing (AV) – 3 Group.

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La Marzocco Strada Volumetric Dosing AV 3 Group



In addition to La Marzocco’s distinctive features like saturated brew groups, stainless steel boilers and PID system, the Strada is a new machine that allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction! Strada is a machine designed for and by baristas created with continuous design involvement by the La Marzocco Street Team, a panel of leading baristas, technicians and market experts from around the world, who gathered to participate in such topics as: machine design and ergonomics, extraction and quality in the cup, programmability and serviceability.


6 reviews for La Marzocco Strada Volumetric Dosing AV 3 Group

  1. Elias Knudsen

    This is a heavy duty grinder that grinds the coffee beans very quickly (about 5 seconds for a 19 gram double shot. There is absolutely no clumping. The coffee grounds are fluffy and very consistent. There’s no horizontal chute for residual grounds to remain. The doses are timed, and I’ve found that they do vary a little in weight. But this may be Read more about review stating Excellent coffee grinderbecause I stop midway through the dose once or twice to settle the grounds. I’ve found that making fine adjustments in the grind setting, by pushing the lever, which is quite stiff, is a little difficult. But I’m still new at this. Overall I’m very pleased with this machine.

  2. Hannah Martinsen

    I love this grinder. I’ve owned for grinders over the last few years and I’ve had issues with all of them I’ve had to conical burr grinders and two flat burr grinders. Each one did something good but never great as I’ve moved further into enjoying espressos I found it harder to get consistent shots from any of these grinders. The investment to buyRead more about review stating Best grinder ever the La Marzocco was done with a lot of research and thought. I was looking for a grinder that had low retention and quiet operation. After reviewing several contenders for my new grinder it was the reviews on whole latte love that sold me on the La Marzocco. So far I’ve been able to season the burgers dial in my shots and get more consistent and even grinds. My shots are tasty and sweeter in the cup. I would Highly recommend this grinder for someone that’s looking to up their espresso game.

  3. Jonas Martinsen

    This is a fantastic grinder. The dose is fluffy and beautiful. The programming options are excellent, offering some customization. It looks great, especially with a Torr Toys 600 Crystal Glass Hopper with a stainless top.

  4. Jenny Martinsen

    Wow, no clumping, and so fast. So this is what I’ve been missing. The only thing that took me so long was to accumulate the $ to buy this baby. I need to use two hands to adjust the grind, but it stays put. All I need now is the perfect bean to get that elusive mouth feel.

  5. Iver Nielsen

    Coming from a Baratza Vario grinder.. The Vario does not compare. I have had the most consistent pulls I have ever had since upgrading. Absolutely love this grinder… purchased the silver one, wish I would have bought the black though, only regret.

  6. Sigrid Andersen

    Best features: fluffy grind even at very fine settings, all grinds end up in the middle of the portafilter, fast, and not a messy grinder. Extractions are very even with VST ridge-less basket and Mahlgut or Pullman tamp.

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