Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Profitec Pro 700 is an adept dual-boiler machine boasting a wealth of innovation focused on impressing the most expert home barista. Top quality components offer raw power, beautified by Profitec’s signature workmanship.


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Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Profitec Pro 700 Overview

Profitec presents us with the Pro 700; their preeminent dual boiler machine which thrilled us from the moment we first unboxed it. What you’ll first notice is the quality of German design combined with Italian conventions in a stainless steel housing, polished to a mirror finish. The latest version features eye-catching cosmetic upgrades, such as streamlined, signature branding on the front panel, drip tray, and the redesigned jet black pressure gauges.

Features and Performance

Inside the machine, you’ll find the internal components to be incredibly well-organized, which is an often underappreciated touch that you don’t see in many other machines. Copper coils and water lines trace from one brass fitting to the next.

Even the more delicate electronics are shielded from any humidity, neatly tucked away to one side of the machine. All of this speaks to Profitec’s standards for quality engineering. As they like to say, “We endeavor to bridge the gap between tried and true professional technology and state-of-the-art engineering.”


Property Value
SKU HFC-2023060025
App Connectivity No
Boiler Configuration Dual Boiler
Number of Boilers 2
Boiler Features Brew & Steam Simultaneously,Rapid Steam
Brew Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Brew Boiler Heater Location Internal
Brew Boiler Insulation Yes
Brew Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 25 fl-oz
Three-Way Valve Manual
Back Flush Capable Yes
Brew Group Material Chrome Plated Brass
Brew Group Size (mm) 58 mm
Brew Group Type E61
Brew Boiler Wattage 1200
Recommended Application Home / Residential
NSF Certified No
Display Type PID Control Screen
Controls and Additional Features Brew Temperature Display,Clock / Timer,Low-Water Warning,Power Light,Pre-Infusion,Steam Control,Temperature Control
Pressure Gauges Brew Circuit,Steam Boiler
Type of Controls Lever
Cup Height (max, inches) 4 in
Cup Height (min, inches) 3.25
Cup Warmer Material Stainless Steel
Cup Warmer Size (L-in x W-in) 10 x 8
Cup Warmer Passively Heated
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) Yes
Drip Tray Capacity (oz) 32 fl-oz
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Portafilter Baskets Included Double,Single
Frame Material Steel
Housing Color Stainless Steel
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Recommended Water Filter No Filter Required
Depth (Inches) 18.7
Height (Inches) 16.5
Weight (Lbs) 68.4
Width (Inches) 13.4
Bottomless Portafilter Available Yes


Property Value
Filter Diameter (mm) 58 mm
Portafilter Handle Material Plastic
Portafilter Material Chrome Plated Brass
Number of Portafilters Included 2
Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility Ground Coffee
Portafilter Type Commercial Style
Portafilter Weight (lbs) 1.2 lbs
Portafilter Diameter 58 mm
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes
Pump Pressure (Max. Bar) 16 Bar
Pump Type Rotary
Pump Wattage 120 watts
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Amps 10 A
Volt 110V-120V (US)
Watts 1400 Watt
Power Cord Length (inches) 48 in
Power Cord Storage No
Steam Boiler Auto-Fill Yes
Steam Boiler Heater Location Internal
Steam Boiler Insulation Yes
Steam Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Steam Boiler Orientation Vertical
Steam Boiler Type Large Volume
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 67.6 fl-oz
Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief Valve Yes
Steam Boiler Wattage 1400 Watt
Steam Wand Features No-Burn
Steam Tip Hole Count 2
Steam Wand Material Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Movement Type Fully Articulated
Steam Wand Commercial
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 101 fl-oz
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Filter Included No
Water Source Reservoir and Water Line
Maximum Incoming Water Pressure (PSI) 29 PSI

7 reviews for Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

  1. Nádia Urias

    Only got this Profitec Pro 700 with the flow control about two week from HARFAN COFFEE.
    So far, it is better than I expected overall!
    I used to have an Alex Izzo Duetto Evo for about 3+ years. It has been alway in trouble and had multiple repairs. Recently, I gave up preparing my Izzo Evo since the repairing cost is closing to my purchaRead more about review stating Perfect machine so farsing price. Compared with that, Profitec Pro 700 performs much better and is more stable.
    1). Has much stronger steam power which makes steaming milk froth much easy. I am setting the steam boiler at 131 C (268F). It brings me about 1.8 Bar in steam pressure which makes perfect bilk froth. My Izzo Evo has 1.5 bar steam pressure. When I steam milk on the Evo, it drops the pressure very quickly.
    2) The flow control allows me to have a much better pre-infusion.This also stabilizes the espresso extraction flow well so that I can prevent a mess when I use a bottomless portafilter.
    3) The PID function for both coffee boiler and Steam boiler works perfect than what on Izzo. The deviation of the coffee boiler water temperature is less than 0.5 C vs. over 2 C on my Izzo. Also, the steam boiler pressure is quite stable on my Profitec.

    I start to use a puck screen with my triple basket on a bottomless portafilter. There are multiple benefits for my configuration:
    1) make the group head clean.
    2) prevent channeling.
    3) fill the gap between the group head show screen and coffee puck since I use 21 g coffee in a triple shot basket.

    By the way, I am using Ceado E37J grinder (which I got from HARFAN COFFEE three years ago). Still working well.

  2. Alexa Serrano

    I’ve been using this machine daily for about a month now. Overall, this is a very nice piece of equipment. My last machine was a high-end consumer grade machine. With this machine I am now able to brew and steam milk simultaneously. I estimate that this cuts the time it take me to make a pair of lattes by more than half. Moreover, the Pofitec Pro Read more about review stating Overall a great machine700 has a lot of steam power. This was a big change from my old machine, which I always felt was slightly under powered. Now, does this mean I get a better microfoam? No, not really. I feel like there is a fair amount of technique and learning the machine involved. But it does take a lot less time to steam a pitcher of milk.

    I also get a lot of compliments on the machine. It’s very attractive and looks great on my counter.

    I do not plan to plumb the machine. Filling the tank with the machine under the upper cabinets is a bit of a challenge. The machine is very heavy and the feet have a lot of friction on my counter. It’s very difficult to even slide it. What I ended up doing is getting a funnel attached to a tube. With a bit of weight on the end of the tube, it doesn’t flop around and works well to fill the machine without moving it.

  3. Rebeca Pontes

    This machine is magic! I was upgrading from a La Pavoini lever machine and landed on the Profitec after watching the videos and tutorials on HARFAN COFFEE website. There is truly no comparison to anything else I’ve used. After a bit of a learning curve with the flow control and timing I am pulling the best tasting shots I’ve ever created (and certainly beRead more about review stating Profitec Pro 700tter than what you can get commercially)! I also bought the Bestmax filter system which I’d highly recommend. I didn’t realize how much water I’d go through learning, testing, backflushing, etc. It’s well worth the money… not to mention the insurance form scale build up over time. Big shout out to the HARFAN COFFEE team for their work on the tutorials – those really made all the difference. I’ll admit, I was looking at a different machine initially but after seeing the build quality comparison, the Profitech was a no-brainer.

  4. Sofia Lozano

    The Profitec Pro 700 is a bit costly, but I feel like with this, you get what you pay for. We’re just two people so maybe (maybe) I could have gotten away with a single boiler. But this unit will probably last a lifetime and I figured, it’s convenient to have a double-boiler system. You can make back to back drinks, especially great when you’re seRead more about review stating Amazing machine, worth the pricerving guests. No waiting for the boiler to ramp up or cool down again.

    The unit is built like a TANK. It’s heavy and durable and well made.

    I am coming from a Gaggia Classic that I had modified to the hilt. I thought it was pretty good. But after having this, it doesn’t come close. The Gaggia is like a wild untamed beast, that is hit or miss. It requires everything to be perfect to make a good shot and things can go sideways much easier.

    For some reason this machine feels much more effortless and that makes early morning espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and americanos easy-peasy.

    It’s also got steam for days. Very powerful, and professional feeling.

    I have the knob to adjust the flow rate. I’d say you can safely skip this. It’s too hard to manipulate and if your grind is off and you try to correct using this, it doesn’t really work out in my experience.

    I have the spinning valves for the steamer and water. They have turned out to be very functional for gently steaming a small amount of milk, or to reheat what’s left of your drink. I think that’s where they shine.

    You will need a great grinder. Invest in a good one. You’re spending this much. Don’t try to skimp by with a $200 grinder. The grinder is critical. If you’ve ever heard the analogy about painting a car… it’s ALL in the preparation.

    The grinder gets your beans extremely uniform at a tiny scale. This gives you the flow rates and saturation you need. If you’ve got a bunch of unevenly sized grinds, you’re not going to get the best out of this machine. So much so, I’d say hold off on the investment until you can afford a good grinder.

    I have the Eureka Mignon Specialita in chrome. It’s perfect. I would also highly recommend getting a grinder that has infinite adjustment instead like this one, instead of one that clicks into certain numbers. I thought I would hate this but it allows you to adjust the grind in very fine increments and this allows you to get the perfect shot. This is important as beans age a bit in the hopper storage or as humidity changes in your home.

    I’d also highly recommend you buy from Whole Latte Love too. You can buy things elsewhere but these guys stand behind their sales and that’s important. When you need service down the road, they will be here for you. I’ve been a customer for almost 20 years.

    All in all, it’s been a great addition to our home. YES, it was a big splurge definitely. BUT every morning is special with the Profitec Pro 700. You wake up, looking forward to a great coffee. So in that regard, what’s a bit of happiness every single day worth to you?

    The only downside is that you won’t be able to drink espresso or other coffee drinks from most retail vendors. They just won’t compare. You’ll be scratching your head, wondering how and why you used to pay $5-$6 to drink these very inferior products!

  5. Catarina Faria

    Just received this beauty. Seems much more compact and much prettier in reality than in the photos. A pound of wasted coffee, a few hours later and I got nearly perfect shot. Almost as good as on my old Gaggia Classic in her best years. And much better than on my office marzocco, that I still can’t get used to. I believe it will be even better witRead more about review stating So far so good!h experience. Controls are intuitive and the flow gauge is really helpful. Very quiet and smart for an espresso machine. Little bit disappointed with the temper from the package. But overall – recommended.

  6. Carolina Pontes

    If you are looking for an espresso machine with flow control, this might be one of the greatest value machines. The rotary pump is pretty quiet, and the ability to turn on only the brew boiler with a flip of a switch is great for my usage.

    On weekdays I make only espressos, but on weekends I make cappuccino and cafe latte for my family. PRead more about review stating One of the greatest value in dual-boiler with flow controlreviously I had a single-boiler E61 (no flow control). It made great shots with certain style of beans, but not being able to modulate the flow, I had trouble getting the most out of some beans. Making milk drinks was a pain, and at one point, I brought out my old appliance machine for frothing and use the single boiler to make only espresso.

    After upgrading to the Pro 700, I can now get more out of different beans. A change of a few degrees on the PID, using a couple of simple flow profiles, I am now able to tame the acidity of some roasts and keep extraction under control with others. The shots are a lot more enjoyable, and even my wife, who originally opposed to the purchase, would not go back to the other machines (a single boiler, an appliance-grade, a super-automatic, and a N3spresso).

    I haven’t had this machine for very long so I can’t comment on its reliability and longevity. It is solidly built, and I like the clean design/organization of it’s internal (this and other ECM/Profitec machines). This is not to say that it has all the features one can want. For example, pressure profiling at the pump and a lever design may create shots that this machine cannot emulate fully (or at least not without a lot of effort), and the ability to save and repeat profiles would be a great feature to have, too, not to mention a volumetric system for profiling. However, at the $3K range, I don’t think you will find another machine with the same features, built-quality and versatility.

  7. Isabel Gusmão

    Love my new Profitec Pro 700! Can’t wait to experiment with the flow control. Ran about a pound through it so far and the shots are fantastic. Will have to learn the two hole steam tip , but that’s half the fun.

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