Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X is a dual boiler machine answering a combination of customer and community feedback centered around developing the original Silvia Pro to match espresso fanatics’ growing desire for experimentation when brewing.



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Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Rancilio Silvia Pro X Overview

The Rancilio Silvia Pro X takes what you love from the recent Silvia Pro dual boiler espresso machine and combines them with even more updates. The machine now includes a RS1-style portafilter with a soft ergonomic grip that brings commercial grade quality right to your hands. New colors give the Silvia Pro X a stylish new look, and a pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the coffee boiler now sits above the drip tray.

With dual boilers and dual PIDs — one for brewing shots and one for steaming — the Silvia Pro X again brings high-end, commercial quality to the home. Now, the Silvia Pro adds another layer of control and experimentation with the added variable soft infusion.

Features and Performance:

The newest upgrade to the Rancilio Silvia Pro X comes in the form of variable soft infusion, allowing users to have a completely customizable brewing experience. This feature works to open more pores of your ground coffee so you can reach different flavor profiles, playing around with the acidity and body that ends up in your final cup.

The machine will start your shot by opening up and softly releasing water without any pressure. Only once the set amount of time your preset has passed, the machine begins ramping up its group head pressure. This gives you another layer of control, and allows you to really customize your coffee’s final flavor.



Property Value
SKU HFC-2023060044
App Connectivity No
Boiler Configuration Dual Boiler
Number of Boilers 2
Boiler Features Brew and Steam Simultaneously
Brew Boiler Material Brass
Brew Boiler Orientation Vertical
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz) 10.14
Brew Unit Material Brass
Back Flush Capable Yes
Brew Group Size (mm) 58 mm
Recommended Application Home / Residential
NSF Certified No
Controls and Additional Features Auto-On, PID Control, Steam Control, Energy Saver
Pressure Gauges Brew Pressure
Type of Controls Rocker Switches, PID
Cup Height (max, inches) 3.5″
Cup Warmer Material Stainless Steel
Cup Warmer Passive
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) No
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Portafilter Baskets Included Single, Double, Backflush
Frame Material Steel
Housing Color Black, Stainless Steel


Property Value
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Depth (Inches) 16.5
Height (Inches) 15.5
Weight (Lbs) 30 lbs
Width (Inches) 10
Bottomless Portafilter Available Yes
Filter Diameter (mm) 58 mm
Number of Portafilters Included 1
Portafilter Type Double-Spout
Portafilter Diameter 58 mm
Warranty Service Provider Email sales@harfancoffee.com
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Limited Warranty
Volt 120V
Watts 1300 W
Steam Boiler Material Steel
Steam Boiler Orientation Vertical
Steam Boiler Volume (Oz) 33.81 oz
Steam Tip Hole Count 4
Steam Wand Material Stainless Steel
Water Reservoir Access Location Top
Water Reservoir Capacity 67.63 oz
Water Source Reservoir

4 reviews for Rancilio Silvia Pro X Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

  1. Luděk Majer

    I actually bought this from Seattle coffee gear company but still leave a review here anyway.

    Heard so much raves about this brand from the quality to functionality. First off this thing build to last and even if its broken, thousands of resources that you can find online to fix this machine by yourself and super easy. There are also faceRead more about review stating Great machine for single people or home with only a few people.!book group and reddit group to help you know how to fix this or use the machine better.

    For coffee quality, I would say it is consistent with both pulling shots and steaming milk. You can set the temps and the time to depend on how you like your espresso and milk taste.

    Design wise, I love it but it can better. And when I said better, I would like it the setting option to be easier to navigate. Although you can learn how to set this up easily through guide book. This thing is not for people who clueless and aiming for easy to use interface. Although I appreciate the clean design and less is more look. I love that they provided more than just stainless steel color option. I went with the white option and it is actually more of Ivory cream white. I would love to have the pink tho but at the time it was sold out.

    As for HARFAN COFFEE, i dont like that they only have one financial option when it come to large purchase. I wasnt qualify for Klanar but on Seattle Coffee Gear, they used Affirm and I was approved instantly.

  2. Jindřich Havránek

    As someone who has worked in a proper local cafe, this machine has truly made my home grind pretty enjoyable! I have slight issues with the steam wand (namely just it spitting out a bit everywhere whenever I flush it. easily fixed by flushing it out in a cup) and removing the drip tray, but other than this it is a wonderful machine!

  3. Ivan Odehnal

    I had single boiler Rancilio and was very happy with it, except I grew impatient waiting for boiler to reach milk frothing temperature. I drink cappuccino rather than straight shots, and Rancilio steam wand/frothing was best in my experience. Dual boiler did not disappoint for 1-2 cappuccino but if I wish to steam larger amount of milk, steam presRead more about review stating great valuesure sometimes dissipates

  4. Kamil Řeháček

    Love this machine so far! Great shots. Still learning to froth, but happy with the purchase.

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