Rocket Espresso Super Fausto Grinder in Black

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Rocket Espresso Super Fausto Grinder in Black

SUPER FAUSTO is the most recent addition to Rocket Espresso’s range of grinders and an update to the original FAUSTO. Designed for commercial duty in cafes and restaurants, the SUPER FAUSTO’s high grinding output, 75mm burrs, ease of use, and stepless grind adjustment make it a beautiful workhorse.

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Rocket Espresso Super Fausto Grinder in Black


The sleek Rocket Espresso SUPER FAUSTO espresso grinder is a beautiful addition to any home or commercial setting. Equipped with quality 75mm flat burrs for higher speed grinding capabilities, the SUPER FAUSTO is in it for the long haul with Red Speed treated burrs that can grind thousands of pounds of coffee without losing their edge. Near silent, the SUPER FAUSTO churns out fluffy grinds with minimal noise, making it ideal for quiet mornings in the kitchen or intimate cafés.

Features and Performance

Coming in at 29 inches, including the hopper, and only 10.7in wide, the SUPER FAUSTO will require a dedicated space for espresso. As for the inside works, the SUPER FAUSTO is outfitted with commercial quality 75mm flat burrs for higher grinding abilities. The burrs are treated with a special Red Speed that ensures edge sharpness for thousands of pounds of grinding. Grind adjustment is handled by micrometric stepless adjustment, meaning that minor changes to grind size can be made simply by turning the knob with your thumb and forefinger.

The SUPER FAUSTO also comes with a newly developed 2.8in digital touch screen with a shot counter and programmable dosing buttons that allow for quick adjustments and control. Up to three distinct grinding times can be programmed within 1/10th of a second, and a manual dispensing mode is available for free grinding operation. As a final touch, the grinder was designed to produce minimal noise, ensuring near-silent grinding while in operation..

Why you should get it

It can be hard to find that perfect grinder for a commercial setting. You want something durable, powerful, and stylish. Available in matte black or a polished silver finish, these grinders don’t just work great, they look great. Don’t settle for performance over appearance again when you use this grinder. Of course, if you aren’t shopping for a commercial grinder, the SUPER FAUSTO can also work in home settings.



Property Value
SKU HFC-20230600081
Recommended Application Commercial / Residential
NSF Certified No
Display Type Digital Touch Screen
Controls and Additional Features Programmable Single, Double, and Triple Dose, Variable Screen Color, Manual Dosing
Type of Controls Touch Screen
Frame Material Aluminum
Grinder Features Red Speed Burrs, Stepless MIcrometric Adjustment
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Micrometric Stepless
Burr Diameter (mm) 75mm
Grinder Burr Type Flat steel
Dispensing Method Doserless
Recommended Grind Selection Espresso
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 22.4


Property Value
Removable Bean Hopper Yes
Grinding Method Burr
Programmable Grinding Timed Grinding within 1/10th of a Second, Single, Double, and Triple Shot Programmability
Housing Color Black
Housing Material Aluminum
Depth (Inches) 11.1″
Height (Inches) 18.9″
Width (Inches) 6.9″
Warranty Service Provider Email
Warranty Service Provider HARFAN COFFEE
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number +62-838-9755-1917
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Parts and Labor
Volt 120V

5 reviews for Rocket Espresso Super Fausto Grinder in Black

  1. Emil Viklund

    Exactly what I needed! I have a Bezzera bz10 and used my old baratza grinder, wasn’t cutting it at all. Never going above 1 bar. Once this baby arrived Im enjoying my 9-10 bar drinks, perfection!

  2. Margareta Forsberg

    Love it. It grinds well from drip to espresso. Not sure why it’s marked up +$200 here on HafranCoffee when you can find it for less on espressocoffeshop. com.

  3. Lucas Blomqvist

    For a general purpose grinder this has been a solid purchase. I am not such a good espresso brewer yet but I could see myself getting a more dedicated espresso grinder for better fine tuning.

  4. Felicia Holm

    Very quiet and very consistent grind. It’s the perfect size for sliding filter basket under the chute. I have not tried it with expresso yet. I recommend this product !

  5. Per Lindqvist

    Awesome powerful grinder in a small footprint. I pull shots everyday and brew French Press a couple times a week. The Perfetto works great. I setup the grinder to pull timed double &
    Triple shots. Super accurate
    No longer having to weigh everything.
    Excellent service from HarfanCoffee delivering a quality grinder.

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